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Registration and Login

  • Registration is currently CLOSED. All applicants must be approved by administration.
  • To log in, you must click ‘Login’ shown in the top right corner of the website.
Desktop View

On your computer, click Login in the navigation bar.

Mobile View

On your phone or tablet, click the menu icon in the navigation bar, then Login.

Forgot Password

Did you forget the password to your Gallery account? Fill out the form here for assistance.



Quick Search

In the navigation bar (or menu on the mobile site) a quick search bar is available to use.

TIP: Make sure to type the full keyword(s) for better results.

Advanced Search

User Account

  • At this time, you cannot change your username.
  • You can change your password and email through your account settings.
Navigation Bar

Navigation bar after logging in
After you log in, you will see two options when you click on your username in the menu.

Changing Account Details

Account Details
You can change your account email address and password.

Photos and Albums

Options and Features

  • Each photo has option to make navigation easier. The default buttons are above each image.
Navigation buttons

  • From Left to Right: view the previous photo, view entire album/all photos, full screen mode, view the next photo.
  • The Left/Right buttons are also available in full screen mode.

Slideshows and Full Screen Mode
  • All photo albums have the slideshow feature – select the full screen button and click Play (or stop) to view.
  • You can use the normal left and right arrows while in full screen mode.
How to view slideshows

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will registration be made available to all Chloe x Halle fans?

We will open registration when: (1) we are completely finished with the gallery and out of the testing stage; (2) we’re certain the website servers can handle regular activity in large amounts. We will post an announcement on our social media accounts when everything is ready.

  • How often is the gallery updated?

Normally the gallery is updated within 24 hours of new media being released – if time allows. In cases where that is not feasible, we will move to a weekly schedule.

  • Some photos and videos do not have all (or any) metadata or tags included. Why?

If we were not able to find credible information for each upload, it will not be present in the upload metadata sidebar. Normally we include tags for all uploads – some may even list ‘Unknown Year’ or ‘Unknown Event’ just in case. The upload may be edited in the future, once information becomes available. For uploads such as screen captures and family photos, those will most likely not be tagged or indexed.

  • Can I delete my account?

There is not an option for registered members to delete their accounts at this time. If you wish for your account to be deleted, please submit a request here. Please note: deleting your account cannot be reversed. If we are still in the beta testing phase when you request your account to be deleted, you will not be able to sign up again.