Gallery Rules

Below are a list of rules you must abide by as testers with exclusive access to the CXHNOW Photo Gallery. Failure to read and follow each guideline may result in your account being locked or terminated.

Multiple Accounts / Sharing Logins

  • You are only allowed one account, which is not allowed to be shared with other people.

Please do not share your account details with anyone else, as we need to monitor usage of the Gallery servers during the testing phase. Your account(s) may be terminated without notice if: you have more than one Gallery account; you have shared your login credentials with someone else, and allowed them to log in. If you have forgotten your password, please contact CXHNOW via direct message for assistance.

Administrative Changes

CXHNOW Administration has the right to change, edit, alter, delete, or otherwise manipulate user accounts with or without notice or authorization, at any time. This can include changing account permissions, revoking access to different website features, locking accounts, terminating accounts, or any other administrative changes that can be made.


All information you have provided will be used to register your account. Your account details will only be shared with authorized CXHNOW Gallery administration. This information will not be made public. You are giving authorized CXHNOW staff permission to contact you privately (via social media, direct message or email) using the information you have provided above.