September 26, 2020

USO: Performance and Q&A

The girls gave a concert and held a Q&A panel for the USO. Chloe x Halle NOW recorded the private event for all to view!

The girls performed “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke, an acoustic rendition of “Do It”, and “Cool People:

If you would like to view the extended and unedited version*, watch the video below:

CXHNOW was unable to record the first 12 minutes of the event. If you have a copy of the beginning Q&A session, please contact CXHNOW via Twitter or IG DMs.

If you use any part of this CXHNOW exclusive (including editing or re-uploading to another platform), please give us credit. Feel free to Donate and show support* for what we do! Thank you!

  1. Felicia Barrett

    They are amazing. They actually make me think of what I would like to hear in heaven.💕💕💕

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