August 27, 2020

Sirius XM The Heat Interview Chloe x Halle

Listen to the interview and read highlights below:


  • When asked what has changed for them in the last few months, Chloe responds with “personal growth” and maturity with age.
  • They wanted to “play with the dark and light energies” of “Forgive Me” and “Do It” for their BET Awards performance.
  • The dance break at the end of this performance was a reference to Destiny’s Child’s “Lose My Breath”.
  • They credit Andrew Makadsi for getting their live performances together. They have a team that “loves to nurture what [they] bring” and let’s them be themselves.
  • They’re father and manager (Doug Bailey) is very involved with their careers. He co-manages them with Parkwood Entertainment. “He’s always vocal about [them] taking leadership in the business decisions that [they] make”.
  • Their parents are beginning to get used to the girls’ evolution as young adults.
  • Halle plays guitar and Chloe plays keys and MPC. When they were children, Halle played cello and Chloe played violin but have not kept up with it.
  • They are signed to Parkwood Ent. and management for 6 albums and have filled two (as of this interview).
  • They’re grateful to be using the resources Parkwood offers them and the creative freedom they are afforded through the label. “[Parkwood] never interferes with anything [they] don’t want to do. It’s always [their] vision and what [they] want.”
  • Beyonce sees all of their material before it is released but allows them to do what the want. Chloe feels Beyonce gives them this opportunity because she knows what it’s like to have creativity stifled in the industry.
  • Chloe x Halle are afforded the luxury of “trial and error” which they know other artists are not allowed to do.
  • “[Ungodly Hour] speaks to every emotion that you have ever had.”
  • They’ve never attended college and feel working on Grownish is a window into college life. Working on the show is a “fun” experience for them.
  • Halle says she is similar to Sky Forster. “Sometimes I don’t have a filter so with my family and close friends that’s very prominent.”
  • Chloe says she’s “not like Jazz at all” and feels the character can be mean. Jazz is very outspoken all the time whereas Chloe is only like that when it comes to business. The character is still fun to play for her.
  • They didn’t curse until they started working on Grownish.
  • “It’s not uncomfortable at all” for Chloe to work with ex-boyfriend Diggy Simmons on the show. She says “the only thing [she’s] dating is [her] music.”
  • Halle is “really excited” to play Princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Despite the racist backlash from her casting, it did not ruin her focus on the project. Both girls have been seeing negative comments since they were children.
  • She also feels excited and “prepared” to get back to London to begin filming the movie.
  • Chloe believes once critics see Halle in the role they will change their tune.
  • They have a healthy working relationship with their father in his role as their manager. He allows them to “lead and speak up for what [they] want”.
  • They are flattered by comparisons to Beyonce, but still want to “follow in [their own] footsteps and make [their] voices heard”.
  • They’re “really grateful to be a part of the Black community, where it represents strength and love and just raising each other up in a positive way”.

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